Every interior design that Allure Design creates is the result of a process that starts with a visit from one of our design consultants. The most important part of the design process is meeting to vocalize the vision you have for your office. We will then carry out an on-site survey; including photographs, measurements, and light readings for planting schemes. Our designers work hard to fully understand your vision to ensure the team delivers a beatiful display that exceeds expectations.


Your business is precious. We know the last thing you need is disruption to it. Allure Design carefully manages the

installation logistics behind your project. Our installation process includes careful planning, professional staff and the

right equipment making it so efficient that no one even knows we are there.


We develop and execute a comprehensive installation plan tailored to your office.

Work commences after business hours. Attention and care is given to work flow and protecting the existing property.


We use custom built equipment to protect the property around the installation while positioning

heavy plant material. A team of highly trained technicians manage every aspect of the movement and positioning.


We adjust soil conditions to eliminate plant stress. We prepare the plant materials to thrive in their new indoor environment.


​We supply and maintain interior landscaping solutions for businesses across Massachusetts, Cape Cod, & The Islands from placing a single plant display in a reception area to large atria installations into purpose built tree pits, high level displays and multi units into large office areas.

Our displays are ever changing along with the seasons. Whether spring flowers, summer greens, fall foliage, or winter evergreens, our carefully designed themes achieve the perfect look down to the smallest detail per season. In addition, Allure Design offers indoor and outdoor Holiday Decorating for that finishing touch.

Plants in your office or place of business is beneficial to both clients & employees. Plants clean the air, provide elegance, & can help relieve stress. Research  has shown that rooms filled with plants, have had 50% fewer airborne molds and bacteria. Plants reduce loud office noise, helping minimize distractions, and increasing productivity.

Have one of our certified interior landscape professionals come to your office or home for a free no obligation consultation. Here we will asses your space, choose what plan works best for your needs, and provide any needed materials to renew or create your indoor landscape.

We offer weekly and bi weekly maintenance plans, keeping your interior landscapes looking beautiful and healthy. 

Our professional interior landscape designers will meet with you to create a beautiful office environment. One that with thrive based on design, plant material, and enhancements that will work best in your given area.


Many factors influence the amount of water needed by a plant

temperature, light, the size of growing container, etc. We can project

the amount of water each plant will use in a week. Some plants can

only be watered every two or three weeks. Plants with subirrigation

systems require even less watering. Watering cycles often change

as your building's heating or air conditioning environment changes.

In most business interiors we fertilize plants at a low level to keep

them green and healthy. Over-fertilizing can be a serious problem

and difficult to correct. We conduct soil tests to determine the

nutrient needs of larger plantings.

Most tropical plants continually shed old leaves and grow new ones. We remove the leaves as soon as they turn yellow. The tips of leaves will often turn brown, particularly on older leaves, so we trim the brown tips. Occasional pruning is required when plants grow too tall or become spindly.

There are a variety of insects that foliage plants are fair game to. We use a combination of sprays, natural controls, and systemic insecticides added to the soil to control insects if a problem develops. In larger plantings we use biological controls such as natural predators to control harmful insects. Our maintenance staff is licensed and registered to use pesticides, and receives update training annually.

Tropical foliage plants are sometimes plagued by fungus, virus and bacteria problems. Our horticulturists are trained to recognize these plant diseases, treat them when necessary, and prevent them from occurring.

Part of our service includes cleaning your plants. We dust and wash plant leaves on a regular basis. Plants with clean leaves are healthier because they get the maximum light available and are less susceptible to insect and disease problems.

With most of our maintenance contracts, we guarantee to replace, at no additional cost, any plant that does not remain in a healthy, attractive condition. These replacements will be made promptly before a plant’s appearance has deteriorated. 

In addition to the horticulturist who will be assigned to service your account, we have quality control supervisors who will visit your office periodically to ensure the displays are healthy and always look great.

In order for the plants to thrive, your personnel should never water or move plants to new locations without our approval. If plantings need to be moved with in the office we will do light meter readings to find the best new locations for the plants. If you are moving to a new building, we can move and place the plants for you at the cost of our labor.

If a problem develops, call us and we will solve it as quickly as possible. If heating or air conditioning fails, call us at once as we may be able to advise on how to save the plants.

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